26 Nov 2018




Welcome to Vexium Gaming!

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By [VG] TommyBoiy

Terms of Service



Vexium Gaming

"Us", "We", "Our", "The community" all refers to Community name as a group, as a community. We are not responsible for any mistakes you may have made with our service.  


We do not offer money refunds.

If you are using another person's money to buy a product off our website, you agree by completing the purchase that you do have their permission to use their money for this transaction. Using a person's money without their permission will be dealt with legally.

By buying anything on our website you agree that you will not chargeback or attempt to refund any of your transactions through PayPal. Doing so will result in a permanent ban from our servers and your name, email address, IP address being added to a post on a official scammer forum to make other communities aware of your actions in order to prevent further harm to other Garry's Mod communities.

We have the right to change any package at any time for any reason including stopping of a server or package without any notice.

Permanent packages refer to the length of time that a server is active. If we do decide to discontinue a server there will be no compensation.