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NicoNico Application

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  • Ingame Name:
  • Discord Name:
  • Age:(15+)
  • SteamID:
  • Why do you want to be apart of the staff team:
    So I can maintain peace, order, and stability within the grounds of the server, so the players on the server have a fun and stellar time on this excellent and unique server; Not having to deal with meniacal menaces such as minges, trolls, RDMers, NLRers, and ect. The players are the priority over yourself on a server.
  • Why should we accept your application(150 words):
    I would love to become a staff member for this server of all servers because I outright love it over every other server. I've seen many players on the server sign up for staff and as the server has progressed through the years, I've grown tired of ordinary rp and finally taken upon myself to ascend to higher heights for a new responsibility in mind, which would be what I love most, which is helping others with whatever problems they have with anything to the best of my abilities. I donated back then to this server for it being the best server I've come across ever, and I believe becoming a staff member would be an excellent experience for myself to take on instead of hardcore roleplay i've been doing for roughly 4 months on this server.
  • Time-Zone:
    Eastern Time
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  • NoteĀ 
  • I think i try to hard
  • =======
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