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  1. Rob


    I honestly think this would be a good idea, but 3 hours of waiting and only 10 minutes of purge is awfully low if you are going to purge, maybe 1 hour between every purge and maybe half and hour of purging in purge would be better.
  2. Rob


    As we know, obviously, Tommy added zombies that give you levels and shit. I really think there should be more diversity to these zombies, maybe give different zombies different health rates, damage rates, and XP rates and maybe even make a form of boss zombie. It gets repetitive and boring just killing the same zombies over and over, you get it. Diversity in how many types of zombies there are will make the zombies be more fun to fight instead of being the same thing over again.
  3. Rob

    Demotion of Qinetti

    I clearly didn't rdm you if you could see you fucking buffoon lol
  4. Rob

    Demotion of Qinetti

    Ok pal, first of all, I warned you before I killed you so you would go away. Secondly, you clearly were just wanting to be killed because you came back time and time again as if you wanted to die. Third of all, that kick Qinetti gave you was because you were wasting the time of staff by constantly trying to get a staff member for a fight you weren't going to win, and lastly, staff don't have to take your sits. Please calm down, I don't like fighting with people especially people that clearly don't know what they're talking about. Have a nice day though