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  1. TommyBoiy

    VIP+ missing OwO

    ok fixed
  2. TommyBoiy


    handled from other post
  3. TommyBoiy

    Staff Report

    Only way I could help is if you had some kind of proof.
  4. TommyBoiy


    Thank you for the report this has been noted and fixed.
  5. TommyBoiy


    Kinda sums it up just said in more kind words
  6. TommyBoiy

    Hi everyone

    server is very toxic so if you're into that, then this is your community
  7. TommyBoiy

    Prop Trapper

    I will look into this report.
  8. TommyBoiy

    A Few Pointers for the Owner.

    Im sorry to say a server isnt based off one persons voice. If you wish for change then have it backed up with a handful of players to follow your suggest, but I do appreciate your opinions.
  9. TommyBoiy

    Remmy's Introduction

    Welcome to the community hope you find it cancerous
  10. TommyBoiy

    Day by Day Updates and Changes

    9/10/18 Removed Mine Entrance from Retro Miner Added ingame rank -> Forums sync Updated HUD Updated Blogs Website theme update
  11. TommyBoiy

    idkhdd Application

    Denied Improve the amount for server time and rep
  12. TommyBoiy

    EliteMemer Application

    Denied Need to improve server rep
  13. TommyBoiy

    Aiden.... Application

    Denied Self promote
  14. TommyBoiy

    Gradierbattle Application

  15. TommyBoiy

    Mr.Meester Application