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    Ingame Name: Xladd Discord Name: Cyber FliX Age:(15+) 16 SteamID: STEAM 0:1:174735498 Why do you want to be apart of the staff team: to help get rid of cheaters scammers ect. Why should we accept your application(150 words): I want to help out on the server. I've seen hundreds of rule-breakers on your server and I want to stop those spammers, hackers, cheaters, griefers, and forum-flamers. The only thing that those rule-breakers are doing are ruining our everyday lives on your server and your forums. We all know that no body likes a rule-breaker.I will be an asset to the community. I have always wanted to be part of a solid role playing community, and the common downfall with many servers I have been a part of is the fact that they do not possess the right attitude. I feel that this community has a lot of potential due solely to the mature, serious attitude that every player is willing to embrace. I have adept role playing abilities and can create enjoyable, humorous situations that correlate to the atmosphere of real world problems. I see myself as being a very responsible and respectful person so there is no need to worry about me breaking rules or evoking bans. I think that as a member of the community, I will be able to greatly contribute to the environment Time-Zone: cst