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  1. Dobby

    33deadlox33 Application

    Busted mate, might as well drop the nuts, my fellow squirrels are hungry, oh wait, my profile picture is a cat... uhmmm.. Drop the catnip! Shouldve done something creative for an application, or change like 50% of the words into your own words.
  2. Dobby

    Dobby Application

    And what makes you think that? What else do you think? All telemarketers take their jobs as a joke? Just because my approach to things is different compared to you, doesn't make me less serious.
  3. Dobby

    Dobby Application

    You are welcome soldier! Now get back out there! Show those wooden fucking frames who's boss!
  4. Dobby

    Dobby Application

    Ingame Name: Dobby Discord Name: Takeo_Ninja#9498 Age:(15+) 16 (11 more days till 17) SteamID: STEAM_0:1:214998681 Why do you want to be apart of the staff team: Peer pressure. Why should we accept your application(150 words): Do you ever stub your tub? If so, you are in luck. Hi! I'm Dobby, and today, I will present to you, how me becoming trialmod will prevent you from stubbing your toe. So we all can agree stubbing your toe is painful, correct? Well, my solution to solving such a painful incident is by hiring a bunch of raccoons, name them after your ex's, then kill the, skin them, and apply their fur to your feet! So if your stub your toe while raccoon fur is around your feet, the raccoons thicc fur will protect your feet! Its as easy as that! Yeet away fellers! Time-Zone: EST