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  1. Amplexin

    Killerdeath2121 Application

  2. Amplexin

    OOF Application

    -1 I agree with the guy above the grammar is horrible and there is little to no info
  3. FRNP Was prop-blocking spawn, mass rdming, and succeeding in making the whole server kill each other in a purge as you can see him screaming in chat about ; Tank73 and Amorality were prop-blocking a big part of the map and meta rping saying "I'm playing fortnite and this part is under construction for your safety and what not but they are obviously minging. Please watch the video
  4. Amplexin

    Travis Report

    Travis was constantly phys-gunning props into our base and not deleting them to the point where we were trapped and couldn't press the button but that part isn't in the video however the video does show plenty evidence please watch
  5. Amplexin

    KKKilla Report

    This dude was prop-blocking and killing people at spawn ( P.S when he killed me I got up to close my door and didn't sit back down until I was dead ) Here is the video:
  6. Amplexin

    Amplexin Application

    also can i get a reason as to why i dont apply for admin this makes no since
  7. Amplexin

    Amplexin Application

    I've got 12 hours
  8. Amplexin

    Zevia Application

    -1 Disrespectful to other members and is toxic also you dont meet the age requirement
  9. Amplexin

    Amplexin Application

    why though you gave no reason?
  10. Amplexin

    Amplexin Application

    Ingame Name: Amplexin Discord Name: Amplexin#6840 Age:(15+) 16 ; 11th grade SteamID: STEAM_0:0:52179359 Why do you want to be apart of the staff team: Because through all my times of playing I've been on the server when no staff were online or afk staff were online that wouldnt respond to messages so I would like to change that by being an extra pair of hands and helping out the server by being online and being an active staff member Why should we accept your application(150 words): I've been staff for 2 other darkrp servers my best one where I raised high up in the ranks and donated on was WidowGaming but sadly that was shut down and my second one was Alrayjr's darkrp and I've been admin for a third one now that I think about it I dont remember the name but it was run by brittishjelyfish anyways I practically have no life so if I'm not online I'm doing homework there fore I will be an active admin. I'm not sure if it means anything but I've owned 2 minecraft servers and have admined about 3 of them so I believe that I am good with people and am able to manage hackers, and rdmers and what not I also have understanding with ULX Time-Zone: Est ; UTC - 5