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  1. BlueBlue

    Xladd Application

    Don't know where the original post came from but i found 10+minecraft apps with the same fucking wording as your "Why should we accept your application" part. i believe the original post is here http://itsjerryandharry.com/threads/how-to-write-a-good-staff-application-and-get-accepted.12005/
  2. BlueBlue

    SAPPEN MY SENTRY!!! Application

    -1 | Why should we accept your application(150 words).
  3. BlueBlue

    Tony Junka Application

    *I have never seen you ingame. (also didn't realize you changed your rpname, he does go on the server very often, though the word count for the post is going to keep it a -1)
  4. BlueBlue

    Tony Junka Application

    -1 | Improve your time on the server, i have ever seen you ingame.
  5. BlueBlue

    loyddroid Application

    0 | Good manners and is respectful, Always on and he is a honest player. | Lack of word count for the app.
  6. BlueBlue

    A Few Pointers for the Owner.

    This dude is extremely disrespectful. Not getting this info from the form but hes a dick ingame, though you can probably already tell hes a smartass from this post. (;
  7. BlueBlue

    OOF Application

    because it wont let me edit this | i don't really THINK you have the capability**
  8. BlueBlue

    OOF Application

    1- | I am not gonna lie but i think this post is a joke, the amount of grammar and spelling mistakes for such simple words is disgusting. Though "OOF" has some delightful manners i don't this he is admin material. you also gave little to no info on why you should be accepted at all. And i don't really you have the capability of having a role of higher power/privilege. On another note i don't think your age is 16, i never thought a sixteen year old would spell the word continue wrong. (I hope you take this message as constructive criticism) 😄
  9. BlueBlue

    Remmy Application

    Congratz dude welcome to the staff team!
  10. BlueBlue

    Remmy Application

    +1 | Only one word needed to describe this man "Amazing".
  11. BlueBlue

    Zinkan LFT Application

    -1 | Not on very often.
  12. BlueBlue

    Penxutbutter1 Application

    0 | Very nice player ingame and i feel he could be a great admin. 1) i think you should edit this post and put a little more detail into the description of your app. 2) you can only apply if your 15+. 3) grammer / lack of English.
  13. BlueBlue

    NINTENDO Application

    1- | only ever seen this player on the server once. (improve your time on the server and popularity in the community)
  14. BlueBlue

    BigPapaGaming Application

    -1 | 1) doesn't meet age requirement. 2) need to work on your ingame rep.
  15. BlueBlue

    Dobby Application

    i hope this comment is a joke p.s that's not a good reason for a 1-