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  1. Qinetti

    dylanb839 Application

    -1| 1. You can't apply for admin here | 2. You should really read the format before applying |
  2. Qinetti

    Zevia Application

    -1 Why are you even trying, you already got kicked off staff for being underage and the main reason was lying about it.
  3. Qinetti

    SAPPEN MY SENTRY!!! Application

    -1 There are no words to explain this...
  4. Qinetti

    Xladd Application

    -1 Aren't you new Xladd? Because you claimed of seeing "hundreds" of rule breakers when you have like 4 hours on the server. To add, we don't really have forum "flamers" I've actually never heard of one of those.
  5. Qinetti

    Roblox Lil Pump Application

    -1 Please just stop
  6. Qinetti

    Zevia Application

    -1 My man, you're underaged and have already gotten kicked off for admitting even though you said you were 15
  7. Qinetti

    CroticShadow Application

    -1 You don't really like to follow the rules, or i don't even know If you read them, and you should take more effort when making an application. Also, hitting bare minimum shows us that you aren't.
  8. Qinetti

    33deadlox33 Application

    Oh I see, so you got rejected on "Drew's Community" with the same app that you copied from Garnet Gaming that you put on here
  9. Qinetti

    33deadlox33 Application

    Ya it is
  10. Qinetti

    33deadlox33 Application

    -1 Nice effort by trying to copy an application off of Garnet Gaming
  11. Qinetti

    Whirlsam Application

    -1 - Read and correctly fill out format before submitting.
  12. Qinetti

    Pirate Raider Application

    -1 - To start off, it clearly says 15+. I dont know why no one reads the format, and it doesn't seem like you're trying with your application when you hit 150 words exact.