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  1. Killerdeath2121

    Killerdeath2121 Application

    Ingame Name: Killerdeath2121 Discord Name: oh no, king Age:(15+) 15 SteamID: STEAM_1:0:176256214 Why do you want to be apart of the staff team: I want to be staff because I want to make a difference. I want to help make this Gmod server a positive place to roleplay. I want to make sure that everyone is having a great time and that no one is abusing? I want to help contribute to this great roleplay destination! I want to be able to enforce the game rules. I want to be a staff member because I really want to help this community grow.I want to be there when people are getting frustrated and I want to be there to help them and guide them. I want to help explain the rules when people are unclear on what to do. I want to help make this roleplay community a safe and fun environment for everyone that steps foot inside. Why should we accept your application(150 words): I can bring a sense of security and justice. I am very fair and listen to all points of view before reaching a verdict.I feel like I can be a fair moderator and bring justice to anyone that needs it. I want to be one of the moderators that people look to when they are having a hard time inside the game. I feel like I can bring a love and a passion for this job. I can bring a good sense of humor that is infectious. I want the server to be a enjoyable place for everyone. I have want what is best for the server, and if that means that I don't become staff then so be it. I want everybody to have a good roleplay experience filled with fun, action. RDMer's and minges ruin this experience and they bring people down. Ever since I was a target in one of plexiate's videos I have wanted to help the server. Time-Zone: PST
  2. Killerdeath2121

    Dobby Application

    It had nothing to do with GMOD
  3. Killerdeath2121

    Dobby Application

    I really need to explain my self of this one, ok then. -1| Does not take staffing seriously
  4. Killerdeath2121

    BigPapaGaming Application

    -1| Age
  5. Killerdeath2121

    NINTENDO Application

    -1| word count
  6. Killerdeath2121

    Dobby Application

    Hahahahaha this is hilarious but no -1
  7. Killerdeath2121

    Zevia Application

    EDIT| Changed behaviour drastically and is nice. Very helpful +1
  8. Killerdeath2121

    Zevia Application

    I completely understand! Thank you for your feedback!
  9. Killerdeath2121

    Zevia Application

    Ok, I will fix it then -1| he is not a nice person in discord and in game. I don’t think he is fit to be a moderator. I would give it some time and then re apply
  10. Killerdeath2121

    Zevia Application

    -1 | Very Rude to me in the discord
  11. Killerdeath2121

    Penxutbutter1 Application

    Take this down and leave room for the people that actually want to apply.
  12. Killerdeath2121

    Penxutbutter1 Application

    -1| This is a joke. Did not even get near the word count!
  13. Killerdeath2121

    Amplexin Application

    P.S. it is spelled "sense"
  14. Killerdeath2121

    Amplexin Application

    -1| You apply for trial mod. Your grammar is terrible and you don't have enough time on the server to know the community. I never see you in game or in the discord. Improve your reputation and then lets talk. For now I'm changing my NEUTRAL to a -1.
  15. Killerdeath2121

    2 kids prop abuse in my base

    thx babe