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    Staff Report

    I understand your frustration but I did inform you that the person you killed in their base was building and indeed had a building sign. When I jail you in their base was to stop you from killing anybody else. So when the sit was over I unjailed you and jailed you for the appropriate time, 300 seconds outside the base. If you have any other questions please dm on discord or reply to this topic.
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    CroticShadow Application

    It was a close vote.
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    33deadlox33 Application

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    Dobby Application

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    Zevia Application

    Thank you and i'm not trying to insult you or anything just trying to inform of how things work. ❤️
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    Zevia Application

    You are not supposed to come here and put -1 on someone’s application just because you had a disagreement, it’s about their overall behavior and interactions.
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    Remmy Application

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    Remmy Application

    Ingame Name: Remmy Discord Name: Remmy - #2877 Age:(15+) 18 SteamID: STEAM_1:1:442890979 Why do you want to be apart of the staff team: There are many reasons for wanting to be staff on this server. The main reason I want to be staff on this server is that I always have this feeling when I see someone that needs assistance and having that feeling of being powerless can't do anything about. I would like to help the server and the people that join it to role play. I was also Head-Admin on a server called AplexRP but I, unfortunately, left because I thought that it would be nice to try a new server out you know, so well what that means is that I have experience in handling sits and other stressful situations. I donated to this server because it's a great server. I'm not saying that just because I donated that I should be accepted, i'm saying that because I did donate, I believe and support the server. I am a very optimistic person who cares for people and that loves to socialize. Also, whether if I get accepted or not I will still continue welcoming, helping, and accommodating players, Furthermore, I believe that I would make a great contribution to this server! Why should we accept your application(150 words): I believe that you should consider me because I am really good at handling complex situations and with my experience of being an administrator on other server gives me experience. When I am dealing with a sit I want justice to be brought and for both/players implicated to have a fair sit, so that they may enjoy playing on the server without feeling like they unforeseen. Also, even though I may not be a mod or admin I still try my best to help players to the most extent possible. For example, helping players get situated or whether it’s answering a question they have about the server. I do have a lot of time on my hands which means that I will be on constantly and when I am not on I would be checking the forums from time to time and make sure people are greeted and getting the support that they deserve. Time-Zone: Pacific Standard Time