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  1. [GG] Hokagei

    A Few Pointers for the Owner.

    This server, I love it. Which is why I Feel like I need to Give advice to the Owner. Get rid of all the Current admins and Mods. They Feel like they are better than everyone. The power has Gone to their Heads. The Rules also don't make sense. Why is Literally EVERYONE BUT FUCKING DEALERS ALLOWED TO RAID. IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE. A COOK IS ALLOWED TO RAID, BUT A DEALER FUCKING CAN'T?! Fucking either Make it so that Everyone can Raid, Or Make it so Nobody can Raid. Plain and Simple. Also, Change the Rule about the Warns. Don't add a 5 FUCKING MINUTE JAIL TO A SIMPLE WARNING FOR SOMETHING LIKE RAIDING. All I Have to Say, I hope the Admins come here and Fucking read this so they Know that They're Shit.