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    Ingame Name: 6 Year Old Meester [MrMeester sometimes] Discord Name: Meester Age:(15+) 15 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:161481063 Why do you want to be apart of the staff team: I wish to be part of the staff team because I see many players in need of assistance, but either no one is on to take sits or one staff member has constantly been bombarded with requests. Too many times have I seen people complaining that no staff are either on or taking sits, but I wish to contribute to solve this problem. I do not intend to solve it on my own, but to assist those who are trying to fulfill this goal and being a helping hand to those who play on Vexium. Also, I wish to be apart of this staff team to have a great experience as both of an educational one and a fun one, so that I learn how to deal with more situations as efficiently and effectively, but also have a fun time at the same time. Personally, I also want to become friends with some of the staff members, and also want to become known and stand out within this community as a good person, and I feel as though becoming a good staff member would be a good way to start out my goal. As a whole, I would like this server to be a great experience for myself, as well as to the amazing people that play on this server. Why should we accept your application(150 words): I feel as though you should accept my application because of my experience as a staff member, as well as the fact that I get along with a bunch of people on the server and really have nothing against any, so this could help avoid bias as long as I treat my friends equally. Plus, I have 2,300+ hours on gmod, and I would say about 1,200 or more hours are devoted to being a staff member, and have been playing darkrp for about 2 years. Also, because of my experience, I am able to deal with most situations that will occur quickly and efficiently, so that I am able to take more sits frequently and fairly, so that the players of the server are satisfied. Plus, I feel as though if I am accepted to be staff on Vexium, the owners of the server will be tagged and harassed less by people who keep complaining about no staff on and are pressured to accept random people who will not perform their duties correctly. I wish not only to help the server, but also the people of this server as best as I can, and that includes the owners and high ranking staff as best as I can. Too many people only think of themselves and their rank and perform their duty without any emotion and end up disliking it and slacking, but if you are relaxed and have fun while on the server and enjoy your job, I can almost guarantee that their performance will improve greatly. I intend to do this, because I really like this community and it's people, and I love playing on DarkRP in general, so I believe that I have the right mindset for the job. Finally, I understand that people sometimes make mistakes and forget stuff, and know that I can end up doing that as well. That is why sometimes, if the situation allows it and the offense isn't too great, I sometimes let the person who broke the rule off with a verbal warning because I understand that everyone makes mistakes sometimes, but I will watch them closely and if they make the same mistake, they will be punished. Time-Zone: US EST
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