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    There already is health and armor in the spawn and also “I’m not asking for much “ your asking them to rework the whole hud for you and then being vague with your suggestion just makes them want to ignore you even more “ add more miscellaneous items “ like what kind of fucking suggestion is that
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    Ingame Name: Dirty Joe Discord Name: Void Age:(15+) 15 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:155890619 Why do you want to be apart of the staff team: I want to be staff because I love this community. The people, the staff and the vibes are always awesome.(except for the occasional troll obviously) It would be amazing working alongside some of my favorite people on this server to stop the annoying rule breakers. And I would like to get to know all the staff more and the players and i feel should help the server out while I do that. I am also on alot so I'll be able to be on when people need help. Why should we accept your application(150 words): when I'm on which isn't the best but we have to adapt. having me as staff will help the community by having someone on for the chaos to deal with it versus letting it happen. Without any problems, people get rdmed lose guns or drugs and die to rdmers. Even deal with racism or fail bases etc. instead of bothering you With the Calls on discord to make you get on. usually im on late so i will be on when no other admins are. Also i notice lots of abuse like staff not doing their jobs or enforcing it to their team like say monki his team nlr's and rdms and he does nothing about it. I have almost 5 days on the server, I play everyday and I only play on server. I like some of the people who play, most are toxic and minge and I usually have people glitching in my base Or Mic Spamming And Being Toxic Towards Others. Time-Zone: Pacific
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    -1 My man, you're underaged and have already gotten kicked off for admitting even though you said you were 15